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17/00604 | 2no semi detached dwellings; 1no detached dwelling; creation of access and associated landscaping; 1.8m high fence and brick wall; demolition of existing public house | RESTAURANT THE SILVER HIND, STATION ROAD, SWAY, SO41 6BA
Name Constraint Type
Development Plan Designation Defined New Forest Village
National Planning Policy Framework Sec 11 - Conserving and enhancing the natural environment
National Planning Policy Framework Sec 3 - Supporting a prosperous rural economy
National Planning Policy Framework Sec 7 - Requiring good design
National Planning Policy Framework Sec 6 - Delivering a wide choice of high quality homes
Core Strategy DP1 General Development Principles
Core Strategy CP19 Access
Core Strategy CP12 New Residential Development
Core Strategy CP15 Existing Employment Sites
Core Strategy CP10 Local Community Facilities
Core Strategy CP9 Defined Villages
Core Strategy DP9 Residential Density in the Defined Villages
Core Strategy CP8 Local Distinctiveness
Core Strategy CP2 The Natural Environment
Supplementary Planning Document Sway Village Design Statement

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