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16/00242 | Restoration of Avon Water to a meandering stream course; infill redundant sections; new and replacement crossing structures | WOOTTON RIVERINE WOODLAND, AVON WATER, WOOTTON BRIDGE, HAMPSHIRE
Name Constraint Type
Development Plan Designation Flood Zone
Development Plan Designation Special Area of Conservation
Development Plan Designation Ramsar Site
Development Plan Designation Special Protection Area
Development Plan Designation Site of Special Scientific Interest
National Planning Policy Framework Sec 11 - Conserving and enhancing the natural environment
National Planning Policy Framework Sec 12 - Conserving and enhancing the historic environment
Core Strategy CP1 Nature Conservation Sites of International Importance
Core Strategy CP2 The Natural Environment
Core Strategy CP3 Green Infrastructure
Core Strategy CP4 Climate Change
Core Strategy CP16 Tourism Development
Core Strategy CP19 Access
Core Strategy DP1 General Development Principles
Core Strategy DP2 Safeguarding and Improving Water Resources
Core Strategy DP4 Flooding and the Coast
Core Strategy DP6 Design Principles

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